Illinois Wellness Initiatives Inventory Analysis

Project Lead: Megan Gildin

Given the growing consensus on meeting the needs of the whole child to support student success, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Wellness Department is overseeing an increased number of federal and state initiatives intended to promote student well-being. ISBE requested support in building coherence and alignment across these related investments and in understanding how and where they are being implemented at the local level.

To support this goal, the Region 9 Comprehensive Center (R9CC) and ISBE created the Wellness Initiatives Inventory and Analysis project to build the organizational and resource capacities of ISBE staff to understand and maximize the value of student wellness initiatives. R9CC is working with ISBE and the director of wellness to (a) develop logic models for key student wellness initiatives and an overall logic model for the Wellness Department, (b) gather and analyze data on where the wellness initiatives are implemented and key wellness-related outcomes, and (c) engage in collaborative review and interpretation of data to inform decision making and identify success stories.