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Continuous Improvement for ISBE Department of School and District Leadership

Project Lead: Aaron Butler

Effective leadership is an essential ingredient for establishing and sustaining positive teaching and learning cultures that lead to high-performing schools and districts. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Department of District and School Leadership’s focus includes supporting the recruitment, retention, and development of a diverse pipeline of effective district and school leaders who can help create positive teaching and learning environments in schools and districts across the state. The director is working to update the department workplan to align with the forthcoming ISBE strategic plan and to provide guidance and direction to expand and improve upon the previous work of the department.

R9CC will support ISBE’s Department of District and School Leadership to build a coherent department workplan that aligns with ISBE’s strategic plan and support ongoing work to grow a diverse leadership pipeline across the state. R9CC will support this work by a) developing a program profile for the DSL department that includes key performance indicators; b) creating an updated workplan and goals to guide the next 3 years of the department that aligns with the new ISBE strategic plan; and c) building department capacity to plan for and conduct program evaluations for current and future programs designed to support recruitment and retention of diverse leaders in urban, suburban, and rural districts.