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Let’s Invite Parents and Families Into “The Room Where It Happens”

No matter their race, religion, or socioeconomic status, parents and families want to make school a better place for their children to learn and grow. So, what can education leaders do to ensure that schools are meeting student needs? Try using these creative ways to bring families into the spaces where decisions are made.

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How Can Educators Honor Their Expertise While Using COVID-19’s Opportunity to Transform Their Practice?

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed education to new modalities of face-to-face, hybrid, and remote learning, but many effective tenets of teaching and learning should remain. As education experts, teachers should consider which parts of their practice are worth preserving in this new era, as well as how to use COVID-19 as an opportunity to grow and transform.

State: Illinois, Iowa

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4 Key Insights About Teacher Leaders: Best Practices From High-Growth Districts

Region 9 staff spoke with nearly 100 teacher leaders and administrators in districts across Iowa with high year-over-year growth rates on state assessments to learn more about how the teacher leaders contributed to their success. The results yielded four insights into how teacher leaders can influence meaningful and measurable improvements in teaching and learning.

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How Can Educators Balance Academics and Trauma Sensitivity During a Pandemic-Era Back to School?

Given that students missed months of instruction due to COVID-19, it is natural to be gravely concerned about learning loss. However, the creation of a safe, supportive, equitable, and engaging learning environment must not be overshadowed by the urgency to address academics.

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9 Questions for District and School Leaders to Consider in Getting Ready for the 2020–21 School Year

Informed by conversations with our advisory board, this starter list offers 9 obvious and not-so-obvious questions that district and school leaders can ask themselves and their leadership teams during summer planning.

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Leaders Must Design COVID-19 Recovery Programs to Be ‘READI’ for the Highest Need Schools

Although equity has been top of mind for many educators for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated inequities like never before. Leaders must look closely at the initiatives and programs they are implementing and ask themselves: Does this program reduce achievement gaps or contribute to them?

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8 Resources for Responding to COVID-19

We know that right now, educators are focused on responding to the school closures and stay-at-home orders brought by the global pandemic. The Region 9 Comprehensive Center has rounded up the following COVID-19 resources from the federal network of support.

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What Is the Region 9 Comprehensive Center?

The Region 9 Comprehensive Center recently kicked off our work in Illinois and Iowa. This article answers your questions about what the center is, what we are working on, and why it is important.

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