Illinois and Iowa: Promising Practices

Project Lead: Marshal Conley

One of the most common questions asked by district and school leaders when addressing emerging or ongoing challenges is “What are other schools and districts doing?” District and school leaders are currently planning how best to use the large influx of American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) funds to support student learning. In addition, state departments of education received large amounts of ARP ESSER funds that they will use as outlined in their approved ARP ESSER plans. State, district, and school leaders will be looking for examples of how other districts and schools are effectively implementing evidence-based practices.

The Region 9 Comprehensive Center (R9CC) is working to gather information to highlight successful evidence-based strategies implemented by schools, districts, and regional offices that exemplify good work happening within the region in response to COVID-19 or reflect how previous efforts helped them support student success during the pandemic. The project focuses on topics aligned to the state strategic plans, Every Student Succeeds Act plan, or ARP ESSER plans. R9CC plans to gather information through interviews, focus groups, and other data sources, and create deliverables that align to the needs and goals of Illinois and Iowa. Working with the Illinois State Board of Education, Iowa Department of Education, Illinois Student Advisory Council, and other partners, R9CC will publish and communicate the deliverables through a variety of media across the region to share best practices.