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Illinois Literacy

Project Lead: Cory Stai

During the 2023 legislative session, Illinois passed a law requiring the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to create a comprehensive literacy plan by January, 2024 and a rubric districts can use to evaluate, select, and implement evidence-based, culturally-inclusive core reading programs aligned with the literacy plan by July 2024. Following the passing of this law, the ISBE team leading the literacy plan development facilitated a writing group of Illinois educators who developed an initial literacy plan in June 2023. Throughout July and August 2023, ISBE worked with R9CC to conduct listening sessions and focus groups with individuals and groups who influence and are influenced by the creation of a new literacy plan. R9CC provided support in gathering, sorting, and summarizing the feedback from these meetings.

R9CC is continuing its work with ISBE to codevelop community engagement sessions and support the collection and analysis of feedback on the literacy plan. R9CC will also review and provide subject matter feedback on the literacy plan’s second draft, and determine other supports as needed over the course of the project. R9CC’s goal is to help ISBE produce a high-quality literacy plan that will receive the support and implementation of educators and advocates across Illinois.