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Iowa Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) School Needs Assessment

Project Lead: Catherine Jacques, MEd, PMP

R9CC is collaborating with the Iowa Department of Education (IDE) to identify what practices, interventions, or supports Iowa’s Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools need to make meaningful improvements and exit status. R9CC is supporting IDE to gather insights from the 13 former CSI schools that met the CSI exit criteria in 2022. IDE and R9CC will share and compare the findings through meetings and summary reports to explore what practices, interventions, or supports may have led to the improvement made by the 13 former CSI schools and how the information gathered may inform IDE’s future support for these schools.

R9CC will analyze specific school data that is either public or shared by IDE, review school improvement plans, and conduct interviews/focus groups with staff at each of the 13 former CSI schools to better understand the actions that were most influential in each school’s improvement. R9CC plans to interview approximately three to five district and school leaders for each school and conduct focus groups with at least five teachers from each school. The goal of the project is for IDE to be better prepared to support CSI schools and help them make meaningful improvements.