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Lois Kimmel

Lois Kimmel photo
Project Lead

Lois Kimmel, MPP, is a technical assistance consultant at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and serves as a project lead with the Region 9 Comprehensive Center. Kimmel has served as a facilitator, coach, and trainer for several successful teacher talent management and diversifying the teacher workforce projects across the country. These projects leverage data-driven strategic planning to understand the root causes of teacher shortages and inequitable access to effective teachers and stakeholder engagement to design and implement targeted strategies.  

Kimmel’s other work at AIR includes serving as subject matter expert for several state projects focused on educator career pathways, teacher recruitment and retention, personnel preparation, and evidence-based strategy selection to address educator shortages and workforce diversity. In previous roles at AIR, Kimmel delivered high-quality, intensive capacity-building services for several states through the Midwest Comprehensive Center, the Texas Comprehensive Center, the CEEDAR Center, and the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders on projects related to recruiting, selecting, and retaining effective and diverse teachers. Previously, Kimmel was a former middle school interventionist in DC Public Schools. She holds a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University.