Megan Gildin

Megan Gildin Photo
Project Lead

Megan Gildin, Ed.M., is a technical assistance consultant at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and serves as a project lead for the Illinois Wellness Initiatives Inventory and Analysis project with the Region 9 Comprehensive Center (R9CC).   

Megan’s work at AIR centers around whole child development, working with educational leaders to effectively integrate social emotional learning and build supportive school communities. In addition to her work with R9CC, Megan has contributed to the development of adult social emotional learning eLearning modules, designed and facilitated professional learning opportunities with the U.S. Department of Education Student Engagement and Attendance Center, and provided support to districts in implementing educator practices to support social emotional skill development.  She has also developed resources for the National Center of Safe Supportive Learning Environments.  

Megan has worked in human development for 15 years at the intersection of social emotional learning, healing-centered engagement, and equity. Through her work, she has supported districts, schools, and youth programs across the country in improving staff and student well-being. Megan is a skilled facilitator and content creator, distilling research into tangible practices to build impactful professional learning opportunities, toolkits, and curricula. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from The University of Michigan and a Master's in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.