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Illinois Resource Allocation Reviews and Community Engagement

Project Lead: Kevin Junk

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is interested in creating a well-developed process and set of tools to conduct Resource Allocation Reviews (RARs) and enhance community engagement activities that will ultimately support districts to address existing resource inequities. Additionally, ISBE has created a new designation of Intensive School Intervention (ISI) and will be determining how to incorporate this new designation process for selecting districts to participate in the RAR process, to ensure that districts with ISI schools are more likely to be selected.

R9CC will collaborate with ISBE to support the development, implementation, and monitoring of a state- and district-led approach to resource allocation reviews (RARs) that provide scaffolded support to schools or districts based on the number of schools within a district identified as needing improvement. To achieve this, R9CC will collaborate with ISBE to a) update the RAR tools and resources developed last year; b) provide coaching and support for continuous improvement related to the RAR process and tools; c) gather feedback from early users of the toolkit and revise where needed; d) gather information from other states implementing RARs, identify best practices and develop resources to support implementation of RARs in Illinois.